Wyona Lodge 18 has started making a collection of all the patches our lodge has produced. Our collection is missing these patches: C1, C2, C3, S10, S12a.

If you have any of these patches and are willing to donate them to our collection or if you have any questions, please email the webmaster at webmaster@wyona18.org.  If you have any other information that may be helpful (dates, images), please e-mail.


Wyona Lodge 18 would like to thank the following brothers for donating patches to our lodges collection: Craig Johnson, Phil Harding, Paul Dennehy, Ed Botsford, Eric B., Terry Canouse, Michael Dennehy, Danny Gaugler, Charlie Gregory, Sean G., Marlin Hummel, Stewart Kashner, Chris Lahr, Lucas Miller and Marc Snyder.


Yours in Brotherhood,



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Patch Name Description Year Photo